Time to prove you really care about county

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Our Views

By The Staff

    Next Tuesday is what democracy is all about.

    You have the opportunity to make your voice heard on how you would like your local and federal government to be driven for the next few years.

    There is much discussion about how many people are disenchanted with government. This is nothing new.

    The question is will people come out to the polls on Nov. 2 to voice their opinion. And the next question is whether they will vote for the best choices or will they simply vote against anyone in office today.

    We encourage everyone to get out to the polls. And we encourage everyone to do a little research and vote for the best person.

    You can’t vote on simply what you see in 30-second TV ads. You can’t vote simply because you are related to someone or friends with one of the candidates.

    This round of elections is extremely important. Make the best choice when you go to the polls. But most importantly, go vote. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. It’s just that simple.