Time to put all differences to side to progress

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My Views

By Thomas Barr

  Black and white. Vertical and horizontal. Republican and Democrat. Girls and boys. Progress and regression. Teamwork and individualism. Success and failure.

Life is full of dividing factors. Some can be overcome. Others can’t.

Bullitt County has probably had some growing pains over the years.

For many, many years, it was dominated by those registered under the Democratic Party flag.

And for many, many years, the elected officials and the power brokers in the county were predominately men.

Change is tough to accept.

Over the past decade, the political climate in the county and in the country has changed. While historically a conservative county in terms of fiscal spending, the number of people who are registering as Republicans has grown.

The last couple of elections have proven that the GOP has made major strides in the county. In fact, the vast majority of county offices are now held by Republicans.

I have long been an advocate of non-partisan elections both on the local and national level. This would take away the straight ticket voting, which is always bad, and it might also take away some of the money issues that rules national elections.

That being said, once a person is elected locally, party politics have not played a role. The local officials are not answering to state or national figures. They don’t care about local decisions and our folks don’t really care about repercussions from the national officials.

A bigger concern is the continuing comments alluding to the ‘Good Old Boys Club” that had reared its ugly head on several occasions at fiscal court.

Good elected officials have no gender. They have no race. They have no political party.

This is where excellence in government should be seen.

I can’t delve into the psyche of each member of fiscal court. I can only express what should be the expectations of the public.

The Bullitt County Board of Education approved a list of commitments which seemed pretty appropriate for the fiscal court situation.

Things like agreeing to disagree respectfully and listening to each other and working together and supporting one another are on the list. 

The entire situation which occurred at the June 4 meeting could have some long-term effects. We hope that it doesn’t happen.

But there is always that possibility that the three “boys” could have major changes in the budget. I would trust that they won’t play childish games.

But at the same time, they probably don’t appreciate the childish games that happen to be played during meetings.

There is no reason why intelligent, responsible adults can’t work out their issues.

No, there should not be comments made in public about other officials possibly committing crimes. That would not be responsible.

No, there should be no reason why the magistrates can’t have a workshop session (the public would always be invited and encouraged to attend an open meeting) to talk about the budget. Why do we have to present a budget in early May and then wait until the final hours to approve it in late June?

As taxpayers and residents, we expect and deserve more from all of our elected officials.

You notice I didn’t use the word “leaders.” The qualities of being a leader must come to the forefront. Be it white or black, male or female, Republican or Democrat.

The people deserve that from all of our elected officials – and leaders.