Too much should not be read into vote on extension

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Our Views

 Depending upon your perspective, the recent action of the Bullitt County Public School Board could be good or bad.

Superintendent Keith Davis sought to have another year added to his current contract. No changes in compensation, which is around $144,000 annually, and no alterations in benefits.

It was a simple request for another year of security in an unsecure profession.

Probably to his disbelief, the board turned down the request.

On the same evening, the board was to release the annual evaluation of the superintendent’s performance.

It was sterling.

High marks in all areas.

So how does the board like the job being done but not agree to another year on the contract?

Politics and timing.

Three of the five seats on the school board are up for grabs this fall. At this stage, two of the three incumbents have filed for re-election. The filing deadline is Tuesday, Aug. 14.

The three board members opposed to the extension stated that it had nothing to do with performance. It had to do with the perception that they would be tying the hands of future board members.

Point well taken.

They also felt that having both issues on the same night of discussion was not the best situation.

Point taken once again.

The question is whether this situation is being blown out of proportion by some or whether there could be some rift between the district’s top administrator and the school board?

And could this be taken as a lack of confidence by the superintendent?

Those matters will be played out in the future.

We hope that the matter can be resolved.

Whether you  like or don’t like the superintendent, this team or the school board, there is no doubt that the district is moving forward.

The years of having to be concerned with construction should be over. The time to be concerned with student learning is the only thing that should be considered.

The only public issue with the actions taken last week by the school board is perception.

Does this allow distractors of the current administration to sense a weakness? Does this allow those who don’t like what is happening to rally the troops?

Unlike elected officials who are safe from removal for the term of their office (minus some specific criminal acts), a school superintendent has a contract but it could be bought out at any time.

Our hope is that all the parties will decide that nothing personal was meant by the action. It would be a huge loss for the students of this district if those actions result in any major changes at the top of the ticket. But, once again, that opinion is in the eyes of the beholder.