Traffic signal needed for north Preston

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By The Staff

Hold on for a wild ride.

We’re not talking about an amusement park. We’re talking about the various traffic projects throughout the county.

While figuring out how to get on and off Interstate 65 has been a mystery for many the past couple of months, there is a new maze game to play on Highway 61.

As road crews work to get the four-lane extension from Cardinal Drive to the John Harper Highway completed, motorists had better put on their helmets and pretend to be a Formula I road racer as there are some interesting twists and turns.

What’s not so funny is the situation created with the new entrance of Meadowbrook Subdivision across from Little Flock Baptist Church.

It is dangerous now crossing two lanes of traffic. It will become even more dangerous when the project is complete.

A petition drive is currently underway with signup sheets at Pioneer Village City Hall. The request is for the state to place a traffic signal at Meadowbrook Drive and Shepherd Way.

A traffic study has been promised when the construction is complete in the next month or so.

With the contour of the road and the traffic congestion in northern Bullitt County, a traffic signal would seem like an easy decision.