Traveling tips to help environment

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By The Staff

    Summer time signals the start of the vacation season.

    Whether you are planning a day trip, a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, you can travel “green” by following some simple environmentally friendly traveling tips.

1.     Before you go, unplug unnecessary appliances such as TVs, DVD players, coffee pots and microwaves.  These items use energy even when they are turned off.  Adjust your thermostat and water heater setting to conserve energy.

2.    While you are traveling, look for hotels that have an environmentally friendly certification or membership in a green industry association such as Green Seal or Green Leaf.  Before you make reservations, ask about the hotel’s participation in recycling and water conservation programs.

3.    Turn off the lights when you leave your hotel room

4.    Take only the maps and brochures that you plan to use.  If you are traveling in a large group, share brochures.

5.    When possible, walk or use public transportation to reduce vehicle emissions.

6.    Pack a canvas bag for shopping to avoid using disposable bags.

7.    When eating in restaurants, take only the condiments, napkins and utensils you need.

    For more information on environmentally friendly traveling tips, contact the Bullitt County Cooperative Extension Service at 543-2257.