Treasurer warns of misleading unclaimed property postcards

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Commonwealth of Kentucky Treasurer's Office

 Treasurer Todd Hollenbach is cautioning Kentuckians to be wary of  suspicious mail, email or other contact regarding unclaimed property that does not include the Official Kentucky State Treasury letter head.

The Treasurer ‘s office was recently notified of the suspicious  mailings by the National Unclaimed Property Association (NAUPA).

"The majority of these mailings are coming in the form of a postcard with a Denver, Colorado postmark and an unclaimed property message notification,” Treasurer Hollenbach said.

The cards are usually green (see example below), blue, yellow, or orange and instruct the recipient to call a toll free number with a provided personal ID number.  The callers are then directed to the NAUPA website.

“I want to assure everyone that these postcards are in no way shape or form a part of the Kentucky State Treasury or our Unclaimed Property program, known as Treasure Finders, “ Hollenbach said.  According to NAUPA, the post cards reportedly are being mailed out by debt collectors.

“If you receive one of these notices,” Hollenbach added, “I’d advise you not to call the number or  provide any information.  Call us instead.”

“Our Treasure Finders program has been immensely successful, rapidly approaching our goal of returning $120 million dollars to the people of Kentucky,” said Hollenbach.  “Unfortunately, with the success and widespread recognition of our program, individuals with ulterior motives have at times used this as an opportunity to portray themselves as being associated with this program.  Let me assure you in this case they are not!”

For questions and concerns involving suspicious persons identifying themselves as Kentucky State Treasury or Unclaimed Property representatives, you may notify NAUPA by calling 859-244-8150, or you can contact the Kentucky State Treasury toll free at 1-800-465-4722.

“In the meantime, “ Treasurer  Hollenbach offered, “If you want to search for any unclaimed property you might have coming to you go to the free website www.missingmoney.com