Trip through grocery on bank's tab is profitable

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 HILLVIEW - In her big moment Norma Whitehead thought about her family more than herself.


Her shopping list included fries, tater tots and ketchup for her son, and some coffee for her husband.

The list was actually a plan of attack for her two-minute "Supermarket Sweep" at the Hillview Kroger presented by Forcht Bank.

Whitehead, a Hillview resident, was drawn from 1,100 entries to participate in the event, according to Forcht Bank market president Jason Stuecker.

"I only signed up one time," Whitehead said.

The bank, with a branch inside the Hillview Krogrer, offered the event as a way to give back to the community.

The donation was a double whammy, as the bank planned to match Whitehead's total grocery amount in the form of a monetary donation to local food charities.

The grand total of Whitehead's groceries was officially calculated at $329.63.

Whitehead admitted she visited the store twice in the week leading up to the mad dash. She wrote down items she was interested in most, along with the aisles they were located in.

The above items were for her husband, Larry, and son, Larry Jr., but she started with one big ticket item for herself: Kentucky Legend hams.

"I love Kentucky Legend hams and it's not something I can usually get," she said. "I'm not getting turkeys. I already have turkeys in the freezer."

Whitehead didn't approach the event as a means to collect high-priced store items. She simply selected her usual grocery items - except for the hams.

"I'm just getting the stuff that I would normally get," she said.

Forcht employees assisted Whitehead in her pursuit throughout the store. Stuecker went over the list with Whitehead prior to the start.

"I want the golden crinkle fries," Whitehead told Stuecker and other bank employees. "And the tater tots. The Ore Ida brand."

Whitehead couldn't resist one more small indulgence.

"Reese's cups," she told Stuecker. "The little bitty ones."

Whitehead also added her backup-plan item, if time permitted.

"Toilet paper," she announced.

Stuecker credited Forcht employees with the Supermarket Sweep idea. He was pleased to have a genuine contestant that appreciated the opportunity as Whitehead did.

"We're always glad to assist in the community," he said.

The group led Whitehead to the starting area near the frozen foods section. They began with the potato items. From there was a scattering to retrieve coffee, Cokes and laundry detergent.

According to the official rules, the contestant could not get pharmaceutical items, alcohol, cigarettes or gift cards. All other items were fair game. Each store item was limited to five purchases.

But two minutes is two minutes, and just enough time for Whitehead, with Forcht employee assistance, to get her target items, including five Kentucky Legend hams.

The items filled the shopping cart. The items filled the car trunk. Most important, the items filled Whitehead's heart.

"Thank you, we've been blessed," Whitehead said.