Turnout expected to be light on Tuesday

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By Thomas Barr

  Do we have a chance to break 10 percent on voter turnout in next Tuesday’s general election?

Say you haven’t heard too much about it. The television station has gotten some advertising but not much.

You can actually see a few programs between the commercials.

My guess is there isn’t a lot of interest. Things haven’t gotten too nasty.

While see the two main parties during campaign bus stops in the past month, the crowds are normally the same old people and the speeches pretty much sound the same way.

I was surprised to hear one party state that being progressive was a bad thing because it was tied to the president.

Don’t know about you all but progressive can be  good. It must be handled well in moderation.

I’ve also learned how young campaign aids have become. Most of them look like they are still in college.

It must be exciting to follow the candidates around, especially if you like politics.

So does happen on Nov. 8?

Let’s look for a very low turnout. Maybe in the area of 10-12 percent.

And then look at having a party to office that will be very difficult to beat.

Although Bullitt County is pretty reliable in the presidential elections with Republicans doing very well, this is different.

There is no president physically on the ballot, although  his name will get brought up quite a bit.

Much of the Republican hopes loom on placing incumbent Steve Beshear on the Obama coattails and not letting  him off.

Another question is how many more television ads will hit the small screens in the final week?

Expect to see those with money in the bank to spend all they have. There is no opportunity think about second place.

Even with an increase in ads down the stretch, there will still be a few minutes to squeeze a little programming in front of your face.

While there are seldom election ads that can be termed enjoyable, the one for Alison Grimes with her two grandmothers is great.

Far after the election, people will remember the two older ladies bantering on. A very classy commercial.

Between now and Tuesday, just be thankful that it isn’t a local election as the number of yard signs are minimal. And remember that next spring will launch another round of elections on the local level, including city council races.