Two congregations merge to form stronger MW Church of God

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 MOUNT WASHINGTON - As the Father, Son and Holy Spirit came together as one, so too have two local churches. 

On July 31, the congregations of New Birth Church of God and Open Heavens Church of God voted to merge, and so the Mount Washington Church of God was born.

The motivation behind the merger, according to Mount Washington Church of God pastor Scott Fahl, was to combine their resources so that together they could be more effective. 

“We decided to consolidate our churches and make one strong church,” Fahl said. 

For years the Churches of God acted independently from their respective locations less than a mile from each another; Open Heavens on Old Bardstown Road and New Birth on Boxwood Run off Highway 44. 

With the two congregations combined, Fahl said Mount Washington Church of God can offer more teachers, more musicians, more outreach and more availability to the community. 

Their resources combined, the recently chartered church is expected to build upon already existing programs like their food and clothing pantries. 

Fahl said the church was using the month of August to consolidate, but these ministries should be open to those in need by the third Saturday in September. 

The former Open Heavens church, which has been designated as an annex building for the Mount Washington Church of God, houses the church’s community outreach initiatives. 

The former New Birth building, which is larger than the old Open Heavens facility, houses the Mount Washington Church of God’s sanctuary, office space, fellowship hall and class space. 

The Mount Washington Church of God’s first service was held the evening of July 31 following the vote to merge. Fahl said the service was well attended, adding that he and the congregation are excited about what God has in store.

“We’ve been growing every week,” Fahl said.

The church hold worship services on Sundays and Wednesdays. 

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:30 a.m. Sunday evening worship takes place at 6 p.m.

On Wednesdays the church holds bible study, youth and children’s church. 

The church will offer Sunday school once teachers are lined up. 

Fahl invited everyone to visit and experience God at the Mount Washington Church of God.