UPDATE: Public hearing on revised redistricting plan

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Bullitt County Public School Board will host its second public hearing on redistricting plans for the 2010-11 year.

The public hearing will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at Bullitt Central High School auditorium. A sign-in list will be available for those wishing to speak.

The board will listen to comments about plans to redistrict students. Most of the discussion on this version will include schools in the central and eastern portion of the county.

See the story on www.pioneernews.net from earlier this month to see the details on the new plan.


Boundary plan takes on new look for schools

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt County school board members got a different version of a redistricting plan that will go into effect next fall.

Fewer students will be moved according to a new plan presented on Tuesday to board members.

Pat Smith-Darnell, director of pupil personnel, said the district had to give up on its formula of two elementary schools feeding into one middle school.

To keep elementary schools at above 400 students, Smith-Darnell said some of the old goals had to be eliminated.

Susan Jeffries outlined the changes made after a recent public hearing and comments via the e-mail or on the phone with board members, administrators or just calls to the central office.

The biggest change will be that all students in Hunters Hollow II will stay at Overdale Elementary.

Instead of attending the new school in 2010-11, those students were slated to go to Maryville Elementary. At the public hearing a majority of those in attendance favored staying at Overdale.

Students at Maryville Elementary who live on East Blue Lick Road from the John Harper to the Jefferson County line would be sent to the new Brooks Elementary next fall.

A portion of the current Freedom students will go to Overdale. A portion of the Preston Mobile Home Park and along Wilma Avenue will send children from Freedom to Overdale.

Students who live in LaPorte Apartments, Northside Apartments and The Pointe subdivision will be sent to the new Brooks school.

And Freedom students who live along John Harper Road including Hebron Woods Subdivision would be going to Brooks Elementary.

At the middle school level, Grand Oaks Subdivision and at the beginning of Christman Lane would go from Zoneton to Hebron Middle.

In the north end schools, Brooks would pick up 123 students for an enrollment of 466. Freedom would lose 122 for a total population of 502.

The new Overdale would become the largest elementary in the north end with 541, an increase of 46. And Maryville would go from 475 students down to 428 next fall.

At the middle school level, Hebron would pick up 29 for a total of 419, while Zoneton will lose those 29 and be at 556.

The revisions would mean that only 199 elementary and middle school students would be affected, down from the original 456.

In the central area, less movement was required.

The biggest change involves the splitting of Lakes of Dogwood Subdivision off Beech Grove Road.

Under the new plan, Pumpkin Lane to Reichmuth and the back half of Lakes of Dogwood would be sent to Lebanon Junction.

The front portion of the subdivision would go to Roby Elementary.

They would also change from Bernheim Middle to Bullitt Lick Middle.

After planning to redistrict 409 originally, the revised plan would relocate just 330 students, a drop of 79.

School officials will have to consider a recommendation in the East area.

Two changes were made to the original document.

First, Pleasant Grove Elementary students who live in he Fisher Lane from Greenbriar to the end and all roads off of Fisher with the exception Bethel Church Road will go to Mount Washington Elementary.

Also, Old Mill Elementary will be receiving students from Stringer Lane at Mark Avenue and going to the end at Highway 31 and all roads off this portion of Stringer Lane.

In the eastern area, more students than originally planned will be sent of a new school. A total of 834 students would be affected by the redistricting.

Board member Gary Wooldridge was very pleased with the work done by the committee. He added that it has shown that the board was listening when parents complained at the public hearing.

The information will soon be available on the school district’s web site.

A special meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 7 p.m. in the Bullitt Central auditorium. Parents will be able to see what school their youngsters will attend.

A final vote by the school board should in October or November.

One parent thanked the board members for taking their concerns seriously.