Veterans are honored in many ways

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By The Staff

There is no way to ever say enough about those who have fought in war to protect our country.

There is never any way to express in words the gratitude that we should feel about those who have served in the military - in any way.

Veterans Day is held each November.

Particularly since Sept. 11, 2001, it is gratifying to see the growth of ceremonies held to honor the veterans.

In Bullitt County, there are many more schools hosting events to honor veterans and this is a great message to send.

Many times in our history, Americans have not done a good job of honoring those who serve. We are proud that those times have changed.

In the Shepherdsville City Park, dedications have been held in recent months to remember those who have served and those who are still serving, as well as those who have not returned from war.

Schools don’t get extra credit points on the annual testing because they host ceremonies to honor the veterans. But the observances held are a very valuable learning experience.

On this special day, we honor all those who have served this country and we honor their families.