Video on dangers of alcohol garners trio top recognition

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REEL winners at Mount Washington Middle

By Mary Barczak

 MOUNT WASHINGTON - Spring Break can’t get here fast enough for students and teachers. But there are at least three students whose break that’s already begun on a high note.


Mount Washington Middle students Jaydon Sanders, Cambren Joiner and Davis Kromenacker recently won second runner-up in cinematography for a video they entered in the 2014 REEL ACTION contest. 

The video, titled “Party Gone Wrong” depicts the consquences of underage drinking. To view the video visit www.reelactionky.com/viewing.

The group competed against more than 60 other entries from students ages 12 to 17.

The boys were asked to create a video and then edit it to 30 seconds, which they all agree was the most challenging part.

Joiner is seventh grade, but Sanders and Kromenacker will be in high school next year.

“I hope to continue with video and eventually shoot commercials,” said Joiner who excels at editing video.

Sanders, who enjoys the filming aspect. also said he plans to continue shooting video, but maybe filming live events instead.

Technology education teacher Matt Murphy said, to his knowledge, this is the first time MWMS has entered this contest. Each year, the organization sponsors the contest focusing on a new topic for teens. The winning video is played as a service announcement on channels such as BET and MTV, he said.

 Murphy said he heard about the contest through a school email and presented the idea to the group.

They took off running and began to film creating a storyline and then began filming with an iPhone.

“It took us about a week to edit and a week to film,” Sanders said.

Most importantly, the boys wanted to participate because of the serious topic.

“Drinking can mess with your mind,” said Joiner, who is a MW resident.

Kromenacker echoed that it’s important for youth their ages to “stay clean” because of the effect it can have on their lives.

In the video the boys are “partying” and then decide to go for a drive after while impaired. Needless to say, there are dire consquences.

“It’s important (not to underage drink ) so you don’t get hooked on it later,” Sanders said.