A View of Earth

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By Stephen Thomas

 Shepherdsville and Nichols Elementary students took a real field trip, all the way to the center of the Earth.


The students visited the entire planet without leaving the school gymnasiums thanks to presenter Michael Carrell and the Earth Dome.

Sponsored by Mobile Ed Productions, the Earth Dome is an inflatable replica of the planet implementing satellite imagery, standing 19 feet tall with a diameter of 22 feet.

Students can view what each continent looks like along with its placement on the globe in comparison to other continents and oceans.

A side zipper along the Indian Ocean is where students may enter the Earth Dome, glancing at the continents from from the inside.

Depending on class ages, the Earth Dome can be implemented to teach about time zones, latitude and longitude, geographic placement and environmental issues.

The Earth Dome’s visits to the two schools were financed courtesy of the Shepherdsville and Nichols Family Resource Centers. For more information on the Earth Dome visit www.mobileedproductions.com.

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