Vigil gives time to talk about issue that no one really wants to discuss in public

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Raising awareness to domestic violence

By Stephen Thomas

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - A beautiful spring evening met the attendees of the Center for Women and Families “Create a World Without Violence” candlelight vigil at the Bullitt County Courthouse, presented in conjunction with the Bullitt County Domestic Violence Committee.


The event was held March 27 to coincide with National Denim Day, an event to raise sexual assault awareness. March is also Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in Kentucky.

County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts presented a proclamation to CWF in honor of the vigil and the awareness events.

CWF CEO Marta Miranda told patrons about the history of Denim Day and its  implementation of bringing awareness to a less-discussed but important topic.

“It gives time to talk about something no one wants to talk about,” she said.

Miranda said 60 percent of actual sexual assault incidents go unreported.

“We need to find accountability,” she said. “The victim usually knows the perpetrator. The perpetrator sometimes does not even know they’re doing something wrong. CWF helps all of them, we’re helping to reorganize the world view.”

Miranda said more women, and more men, were coming forward as assault victims. She said experts were now more aware of an event’s impact on families.

“Today is an opportunity to discuss this issue,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to tell about CWF and where to get help.”

Bullitt County Family Court Judge Elyse Givhan Spainhour reminded that sexual assault cases were still in our environment.

“It’s not just something on television,” she said. “It’s better now than it was, but we still have light years to go.”

Spainhour credited CWF members for supporting clients within her courtroom.

“An act of violence against one person is an assault against our humanity and our belief system,” she said.

With one out of five people reportedly the victim of some type of assault, Spainhour mentioned that statistically there were victims in attendance. She encouraged everyone to reach out toward potential assault victims, offering any type of assistance.

“There are so many out there who are silently suffering,” she said. “All you have to do is take time. It could be the extra boost they need to get the right help.”

Anyone needing assistance with a potential sexual assault or domestic violence situation should contact the CWF 24-hour crisis line, 1-877-803-7577.

Further information about CWF programs are available by calling (502) 581-7200 or visiting www.cwfempower.org, or by calling the crisis line.

The Bullitt County Domestic Violence Advisory Committee meets on a monthly basis. For more information call 538-2012.