Visitors like what they see in new library

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By Stephen Thomas

 HILLVIEW - On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the Bullitt County Public Library system passed on tradition while celebrating its future.

A human chain of supporters linked Hillview’s former Dorothea Stottman Library location to the new Hillview Library, passing books from one to the other.

The ceremony, followed by an official ribbon cutting and open house,  welcomed Hillview Library as the newest Bullitt County Public Library branch.

Hillview Library joins Ridgway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville, the Lebanon Junction Library and Mount Washington Library branches, all four locations receiving new or upgraded facilities in recent years.

To tie in the county’s tradition, BCPL director Randy Matlow decided the human chain would work with the new facility’s close proximity to the Stottman branch.

Shepherdsville resident Carol Metcalf McLaughlin was a special guest. She participated in the first human chain book passing for the Ridgway location in 1963 and another to the current Ridgway location in 1974.

McLaughlin’s library roots run deep: her grandmother, Grace Hardin, helped collect signatures to start the county library system. McLaughlin herself served as regional library board president and certified for the state board.

“We have nice weather today, and the other two we had nice weather,” she said. “I remember we knocked a hole in the fence so we wouldn’t have to walk around the alley.”

McLaughlin found a few old photos of herself from the 1963 event. In the photos were State Rep. Linda Belcher and Jennifer Plenge Arington, who also participated in Hillview’s chain.

“(The new library) is wonderful for Bullitt County,” said Arington. “Ms. (Dorothea) Stottman started in a little tiny gray building. She would love to see how it’s grown. She was the grass roots for this.”

Special guests included representatives from both county and city governments, the BCPL board, the Bullitt County Public School Board and the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce.

BCPL board member Martha Riggs Underwood referred to the new location as an enrichment for the community.

“This facility is something fantastic for Bullitt County,” she said. “It’s going to have something for everyone.”

Hillview city council member David Conn called the new library an impressive building.

“It’s a very modern, up-to-date building and it’s very well-deserved in this community,” Conn said.

The Hillview Library is located at 155 Terry Blvd. The library features a children’s section, teen section, kids’ reading room, computer lab and conference room, as well as numerous library resources.

The new location open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

The Stottman Library branch will remain nearby, with rooms renovated for additional office space.

For more information about the Hillview Library call 957-5759 or visit www.bcplib.org.