Vormbrock credits team for winning award

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By Mary Barczak

MOUNT WASHINGTON--Bill Vormbrock knows the meaning of teamwork. In fact, he says, it’s what helped him to achieve a recent award as the 2013 Kroger Store Manager of the Year for district 2, which encompasses 21 stores.

“(The award) should really say “Store of the Year” because I won it because of my associates,” said Vrombrock, who manages the Shepherdsville Kroger.

The Bullitt East graduate said his great team has helped make his job “easier” because they are willing to pitch in wherever they need help in the store whether it’s bagging or lending an extra set of hands to complete deli orders.

Vormbrock has been working at that store for about 18 months, but has been with the company for seven years.

He initially began with the company in 1996 as a cashier at the age of 18 at the Fern Creek location for a year.

Seven years later, after returning from the Navy, he took a job with the company again after graduating with his bachelor’s in business management.

But what drew him back?

“I just remembered how much fun it was interacting with the associates, managers and customers,” he said.

From then he was hooked. He co-managed three locations and has managed two.

“It didn’t take me long to fall in love with it,” Vormbrock said.

It was a business he was comfortable with having worked in grocery stores before such as Kroger and Pic-Pac.

Criteria for the award that is examined to win the award includes audits, sales and customer satisfication.

When Vormbrock started as the store manager in 2012, he made a lot of changes which he thinks helped the store excel.

Periodically the company will come into stores to conduct audits checking items such as cleanliness and food safety. Last year the Shepherdsville store had three audits with an overall average of 90 percent. Vormbrock said the previous year’s audits were in the 80s.

Paying attention to detail was also on his agenda for the store such as removing uneccessary displays that were cluttering the store and enforcing high standards for stocking and keeping the store straightened.

Vormbrock said they also continually met budget, payroll, sales and out-of-stock goals.

He was honored to be chosen by his peers for the award and hopes to continue to move forward in serving the store’s community.

One way Vormbrock is working on that goal is with the remodel which will expand the store to 80,000 sq. feet and will include a Little Clinic, a butcher shop and a deli and bakery with café.

“We’re a very small store for the business we do,” he said.