Vote for candidates for all people

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 For the past 36 years I have watched Fox Chase grow into a diverse and inclusive community. The residents have raised their children with pride and responsibility not as one but as a community.

We have responded to help surrounding communities as well as our own. We have had some traffic events in some of our families but we were there to support and comfort them.

It is troubling to read quotes in the paper from a couple of elected officials calling some residents troublemakers, witch hunters, and merry band of malcontent for asking questions about city business or for having a different opinion than theirs. One council member was quoted as saying those who opposed speed humps has MEITIS (Selfish.)

We may disagree on solutions to a problem but together we can and will solve them. Please don’t let a couple of self-seeking, self-promoting individuals divide us from being what we have always been - A WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE.

Please support those candidates that will represent ALL residents of Fox Chase without expecting political gain or special favoritism or a few.

Sandy Higgins