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 I want to ask everyone that is in the 50th Kentucky House of Representative District to vote for Dick Heaton. These are the three precincts in the Mount Washington area that are the B104 (Mt. Washington #10), B109 (Mt. Washington #7A) and B112 (Mt. Washington #7B).

I have personally known Dick Heaton and his family most of my life. All of Dick’s family really has given back to the community in the form of public service like his Uncle Gus Wilson being Mayor of Bardstown for 24 years and his brother Bob serving as District Judge for 14 years. Service and community involvement have always been important in Dick Heaton’s life.

One of the things I like about Dick is his commitment to having the right infrastructure in place. My 43 years with Salt River Electric taught me how important this can be. As Mayor of Bardstown, Dick worked at repairing long-neglected water and sewer infrastructure problems.

He also secured $2.6 million in State and Federal Funds to design and construct the street scape project in downtown Bardstown; including a much needed new $700,000 water main.

Lastly, during his term as Mayor, Dick Heaton balanced four budgets that exceeded $30,000,000 each year without raising taxes. He knows how to work and stay within a budget.

Please vote for Dick Heaton for 50th District State Representative.

Happy Cahoe