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 I am a retired UAW Ford worker. In addition to working the assembly line, and in maintenance, I spent over two decades representing the hourly employees of the two ford Plants in Louisville. In this role I have been involved with many candidates for public office. I understood that we need to be involved with these candidates so we would have a relationship and a friendship to be able to discuss issues that affected Ford Motor Company, the hourly employees working there and all working families in our community. Now as a retiree, I consider it a civic responsibility to remain engaged in the elective process.

As you would expect, some candidates are better than others. Dick Heaton, who is running for Kentucky State Representative for District 50, is an outstanding candidate. The 50th District includes all of Nelson County, three precincts in Bullitt County, and one precinct in Spencer County. Dick Heaton understands and cares about the people in Kentucky. He is earnest, sincere and more than capable. He is a common sense man who offers us the opportunity to send a real leader to Frankfort to represent us.

Dick Heaton was on the Bardstown City Council and the Mayor of Bardstown for ten years. During that time he balanced four budgets, without raising taxes. He secured state and federal funds for numerous programs and brought 400 jobs to Nelson County. Some of these jobs are now held by our neighbors in Bullitt County. Dick is a familiar face to many in Bullitt County. He has done business with many people here for the past 36 years. Dick Heaton’s family has been in the car business in Bardstown for 93 years. Their family-owned business is the oldest Ford dealership in Kentucky. This in and of itself shows the business knowledge that Mr. Heaton has. When you consider what the auto industry has gone through during the past 10 years, keeping a family-owned business afloat and thriving like theirs does is no small feat! Mr. Heaton has been a Community Volunteer for 36 year; he has been a successful businessman and a successful local official. I am asking all of the residents in District 50 to vote for Dick Heaton, a proven experienced leader.

I am proud to stand with Dick Heaton. I ask you to join me.

Rocky Comito

Retired UAW Local 862 President