Vote for Heaton

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 I am writing this letter because of my concerns in the upcoming election on November 6.  Many of the Pioneer News readers in Mt. Washington are unaware that a portion of the city is in the 50th House of Representative District which is mostly Nelson County.  The failed redistricting that should have taken place in the last legislative session would have rightfully given Bullitt County a single representative that fits our citizens much better.  That didn’t happen and now we must look for a candidate who will give us the respect and attention that we deserve.  Dick Heaton is a life long pro-life candidate with an A rating from the NRA, and I know him to be like those of us who live east of Bardstown Road.  Dick Heaton has walked the neighborhood, getting to know and listening to Mt. Washington voters.  That is the kind of attention that we deserve as taxpayers who have a say in what goes on in Frankfort.  Please join me in voting for Dick Heaton on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Benjamin Payton

Taylorsville, KY  40071