Vote for Jantzen

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 I would like to ask the voters of Western Bullitt county to consider sending Dalton Jantzen to Frankfort as your State Representative. Since both candidates reside in Meade County, you may not be as familiar with their records and what they represent.

Dalton Jantzen is a conservative that will represent the common sense values of Bullitt County residents. He will support attempts to protect Kentucky residents from the excesses of Obamacare, while his opponent uses his position as chairman of the Banking and Insurance committee to block such attempts. Dalton Jantzen will support the ultrasound bill that requires Kentuckians receive as much information as possible before obtaining an abortion, whereas his opponent has spent the last few sessions helping the House Democrats block its passage. Dalton Jantzen will take to Frankfort the Bullitt County values of supporting gun rights, lower taxes, and smaller government, that has been missing for the last six years.

Finally, Dalton Jantzen will go to Frankfort beholden to on one but the voters of his district. His opponent, Jeff Greer, has raised almost $100,000 for this campaign. Over $80,000 came from the banking and insurance special industry special interests or from Democratic donors in Frankfort and Louisville. Who will he really work for?

I can promise that Dalton Jantzen will work for you. On November 6th vote for conservative, Bullitt County values. Vote Dalton Jantzen for 27th District State Representative.

Lawson Lambert

Brandenburg, KY