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 I have worked with Paulita Keith since 1997. While I am extremely happy that she is running for Bullitt Circuit Clerk, I will miss working with her in the future.

Paulita is an individual with upstanding moral and ethical character. She cares about people.

She knows how to manage and motivate staff by cultivating team work and working side-by-side with them. She has always been a working manager and Bullitt County will be extremely fortunate to have her as Circuit Clerk.

Paulita will inherit a staff of merit employees and from all my years of experience with her, I know she will treat them equitably and fairly.

From the ads in the paper in the spring, it appears she will have a staff with over a hundred years of combined experience. That, with her 25 years of business and personnel experience, should provide Bullitt County with a well-run and efficient office whose top priority is to serve the public and serve them well.

Even though I am not a Bullitt County resident, I support Paulita Keith for Bullitt Circuit Clerk. I hope you will, too.

Ann M. Duvernois