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 I am a World War II veteran and many men and women died for your right to vote. Regardless of political affiliation, you should take time to known for whom you are voting. I have known Paulita Keith since she was born. As an educated person, she is the only candidate for Circuit Court Clerk who graduated from college; she is a CPA with 25 years of business experience; she was the 2012 Professional woman of the Year; she was published twice in her career and she is a member of multiple professional organizations.

As a “boss”, according to her staff, she is highly respected; a team player; a person who would never ask her staff to do anything she herself wouldn’t do, including anything immoral, unethical or illegal. She believes in applying policies fairly and consistently and in hiring staff for their abilities.

As a person in a customer-oriented business, she believes in getting the job done and doing it right; that it is imperative to be friendly, always have a smile in your voice when you answer the phone and to never say “it’s not my job.” She will go the extra mile to serve the public.

As a person involved in the community, she has been active for at least the last 25 years attending community events and festivals, volunteering at fundraisers when help was needed; and, speaking at events honoring the veterans and 9-11 first responders.

As an “every day” person, she is “real.” She grew up on and still lives on a farm and developed the hard work-ethic one has when they do. She married into a family and helped raise 2 stepchildren and a niece. She is close to her parents and mother-in-law (dearly loved her father-in-law who passed away five years ago) and to her extended family. She adores her 1-year-old niece. She has rescued numerous over the years and currently has 4 dogs, 8 cats, 1 llama, 2 turtles and a herd of cattle.

I can assure you, you will not find a person who will be more dedicated to Bullitt County or who will work harder as your Circuit Clerk. Her credentials are impeccable and her character upstanding. I ask you to go to the polls on November 6th and vote for Paulita Keith, your best choice for Circuit Clerk.

C.W. “Wally” Sunderfauf