Vote for Keith and Belcher

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Your Views

 Yes, I know how many people in Bullitt County feel about the Obama Administration and I know how many people are die-hard Democrats and Republicans and vote straight Party every time. Do you know how you hurt hard-working people and local office seekers when you do that? This time, more than any other I beg you to vote for two wonderful, dedicated public servants - Linda Belcher and Paulita Keith.

Linda Belcher works constantly for this county and state and has represented the people.

Paulita keith has been a business woman and public servant for many years and will be fair-minted and honest in what I hope will be her future job as Circuit Court Clerk of Bullitt County. 

Take the time to cross over and vote for these two outstanding women. I am a life-long registered Democrat. I am voting for Linda Belcher for State Representative and I an voting for Paulita Keith for Circuit Court Clerk. I’m not voting for a “Party.” I am voting for the people who will do the job they are elected to do.

Brenda Stroud