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 I would like to say a few words in favor of Daryl Lee for member of Shepherdsville City Council.

First, Daryl Lee is a long-time resident of Bullitt County. His family (both Cundiff and Lee) has lived here for generations. His family has been interested in civic affairs for many years. They belong to a local church and take part in their community. Nobody running has more knowledge of Bullitt County than Daryl. He was raised in Shepherdsville, went to public school and graduated from Shepherdsville High School. His lovely wife, Carole, and he raised their children here and they still live here. He is devoted to God, family, and country and the traditional values ingrained in him by family, church, and school.

Next, Daryl has experience in community development in Shepherdsville. He is retired from a 20-year career in Administration of the Bullitt County Planning and Development Commission. He served 7 years as City Representative to the Planning Commission and 3 years as Chairman of the Bullitt County Planning Commission. Let his experience work for you and our town.

Finally, Daryl supports the same ideas and ideals that you do. He is a strict constructionist of the Constitution. He supports our finest first responders, police and fire departments. He envisions an improved park system and economic development for our citizens.

He opposes higher taxes on our taxpayers, and he opposes an unbalanced budget. He believes the government should not send money it does not have and he is against waste in government. Daryl knows how you feel about government intrusion and overreach, and you can count on him to uphold your Constitutional freedoms.

Please take time to consider Daryl Lee for membership in the Shepherdsville City Council. He will work for you.

Joyce Cotton

Public School Teacher (Retired)