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 I have known Monica Meredith Robinson since she was born. To say I have been highly offended by the ads that attack her personal and professional character would be a severe understatement.

Since I was young, I was told apples don’t fall far from the tee. Monica has grown up in a family that has served Bullitt County and their Country. Monica’s father, Gary Meredith, was a United States Marine who served in Vietnam. He is active in the Lions Club, a retired locomotive engineer from CSX, active in AARP and Dare to Care Food Drive. Her mother, Marilyn Meredith, is a retired nurse and teacher and also involved in AARP and Dare to Care. Her parents are members of the Mount Washington First Baptist Church. Her parents care about the community and they have taught Monica to have those same caring and giving tendencies.

Monica, for years, has been involved in community activities. Serving the community as county attorney was just a logical step for her. As county attorney, she continues to be involved. Monica is out in the community at various functions across the County. She has been fore years, not just this year since it is an election year. She attends school events and fundraisers. She has been present and actively supported the Bullitt County Day of Remembrance which honors the fallen heroes of September 11th and the first responders who serve us every day. You see her at fish fries, chili dinners and bake sales. You see her donations at charity auctions. She sponsored a miniature golf outing as a fundraiser for CASA. This is how Monica was raised. To Monica, it is second nature to care about Bullitt County and try to make a difference. Monica is truly quality made and community driven.

Jay Meredith

Mount Washington