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 I am a life-long resident of Bullitt County and am dedicated to doing what is right and necessary for this to be a community where we can raise our children and know that our loved ones are safe and fairly treated.

Over the past eight years through my work, I have come to know Monica Meredith Robinson who now serves as the Bullitt County Attorney. In getting to know her and seeing firsthand her commitment to Bullitt County I want you to know why she deserves your vote for County Attorney in the upcoming primary.

Monica works tirelessly to serve the interest of all Bullitt County, not just a select few. She works day and night, weekdays and weekends to be available to our law enforcement agencies, our fire districts, and the many other county boards and officials who have her to call upon for advice and counsel. When asked for an opinion or legal advice, Monica’s first step is to gather the facts of the situation and then considers what the law says about those facts. Then Monica answers based on the facts and the law.  Some folks do not like the answers she gives, probably because the answer is not what they want to hear. I want a County Attorney who tells us what is right according to the law and the facts.

Monica is accessible and involved. You can see her at her office in the county courthouse, she is frequently in court at the judicial center, she constantly checks her email and phone messages and she responds very quickly considering the number of people who seek her attention every day. Monica gave up a busy private practice to become our County Attorney and she spends much of her personal time on projects that serve the public interest. She has been involved in those projects for all the time I have known her, not just in the months leading up to the election.

Monica holds others accountable for their responsibilities and she takes responsibility for her decisions. For the last several months I have listened while some have complained about being singled out or treated unfairly by Mrs. Robinson. In each instance, knowing the background behind such accusations and the real facts of the matter, I can tell you that those who have accused Monica of treating them unfairly are actually complaining because she has challenged their performance in the service of this community or they have complained because she would know show special preference to their interest.

As County Attorney Monica Robinson has made it her mission to know the law and to follow the law because in doing so the interests of the citizens of Bullitt County are best protected.

Monica Meredith Robinson has my vote on May 20th for Bullitt County Attorney. I ask that you also vote for her.

Myrtle French

West Point, KY