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 Between us, we have served the 3 most recent administrators of the Division of Child Support: 1) Walt Sholar; 2) Steve Dallas; 3) current Bullitt County Attorney Monica Meredith Robinson. As prior employees of the Bullitt County Attorney’s Office Division of Child Support, we felt it necessary to clarify some issues.

The “state ranking” often cited by critics is fairly meaningless. The grading system was changed in 2013 so any comparison to prior rankings is apples to oranges. Bullitt County collected over $5,000,000 in child support last year. $500,000 in payments has been taken at the office window for the convenience of our citizens (not an option under prior administration).

Much has been made of the turnover among staff. However, the great majority of caseworkers have simply left to take higher paying jobs. We were proud to serve the citizens of Bullitt County while employed with Monica Robinson, and left with nothing but respect for her and her staff.

To expand on the budget, Bullitt County has the 10th largest population at 74,319 and is allocated a child support budget of $299,200 by the state. As comparison, #9 Madison County has a population of 82,916 and a budget of $536,000, #11 Christian County has a population of 73,955 and a budget of $870,000. (Of the top 20 counties, only 3 had a budget lower than Bullitt County!) Until Monica Robinson took office, the budget had not changed for 30 years! Why are your tax dollars going to other counties? Because no one had challenged the state before! Why are Bullitt County children worth less than children from other counties?

Keep Monica Robinson in office so that she can continue to stand up for the citizens of Bullitt County.

Jamie Crump

Lexington, KY

Michelle Fields Martin

Pioneer Village, KY