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 Monica Meredith Robinson is a definite positive for Bullitt County.

Does anyone besides me think it is odd for defense attorneys to take such an active role in the political race for county attorney? Remember defense attorneys are on the opposite side of the fence from the County Attorney. It is the County Attorney’s responsibility to prosecute all violations of criminal law within the jurisdiction of district court. It is the County Attorney’s job to protect the citizens of Bullitt County, It is reasonable to assume that in doing her job well, Monica Meredith Robinson has upset some people within the legal system.

As a citizen reviewing her record and website, I would say the criminals and their defense attorneys might take offense to the approach of applying the law in a consistent manner. Since Monica has taken office, there has been an increase in the County’s DUI conviction rate by nearly 10% in three years. I see this as a positive. Monica also uses standard and consistent offers in every DUI case. There is no favoritism shown in the courtroom. So unless you are trying to do something you should not do, this is also a positive.

Juvenile crime is on the increase and juveniles are committing adult crimes such as rape, robbery, and burglary. In the last three years, Monica has requested the court send nearly three times as many juveniles to adult court as were ever transferred in the last 20 years. I see this as a positive too. Volunteering in the jail system for the last several years proves to me that taking responsibility for your actions is critical to turning someone from inappropriate to appropriate behavior. Holding teens responsible early may result in less crime as adult violators or at the very lease get young criminals off our streets. Personally I would like to see our community be a safer place, so this seems like another positive to me.

Based on the facts and her positive record, I encourage everyone to re-elect Monica Meredith Robinson for County Attorney.

Barbara Wright