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 I would like to express my opinion as to who would be the best person suited to help guide our city in a positive and forward direction as a member of Shepherdsville City Council. In these trying times voters have an added amount of responsibility in choosing proven leaders and Sherman Tinnell is a person who certainly fits that description. He and I worked together  in the flood of 1997 buy out as members of City government. He is a very compassionate person who worked many long hours helping those in need.

During his leadership as Mayor I watched as the City progressed in a very positive manner. He started many programs that were geared towards making the community a better place in which to raise our children. He was a peson who had a vision when it came to the Parks and Recreation. Under his direction the city added many community-oriented programs. His vision will help lead us in a path towards progress, just as it has in the past. Under Sherman new business growth was seen throughout our city. Elect Sherman Tinnell as one of our City councilmen.

Terry Edwards