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 I write you today to give my whole-hearted endorsement to Russell Webber to be elected our State Representative here in Bullitt County’s 49th District. Russell Webber is a devoted husband, father, and has a business background to bring a fresh breath of knowledge to Frankfort to help get our economy back on track. Russell Webber will not vote for budgets that add billions to our already out-of-control debt, will not vote for crippling tax increases that could stifle our already struggling economy, and will not vote for liberal leadership to run our House of Representatives. He will pursue bold conservative reforms and vote for new conservative leadership - it will not be “business as usual” anymore. 

If you agree with me that we need a representative dedicated to protecting the life of the unborn, passing tax reform that will help jump start our economy, and confront our mounting state debt, please join me in electing Russell Webber as our State Representative this coming November! Thank you.

Depp E. Rasner II