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 We in Bullitt County need to make sure we get to the polls in November and vote to change the way things are done in Frankfort - we need bold, new conservative leadership that we will get by electing Russell Webber as our new State Representative. There have been a number of letters and articles in this paper over the years about getting funding for roads and projects. We have had very irresponsible fiscal policies which have lead to the budget getting more and more tight, and Kentucky’s debt has ballooned over the years. More debt means more and more compounding interest - and every dollar paid in interest is money that cannot be spent on other needs - such as roads and projects. This will only continue to snowball if we do not change direction with new conservative leadership. We need fundamental fiscal and tax reform to get this spending under control, simplify the tax system to encourage economic growth, and pay down this debt politicians have irresponsibly accumulated for too long. It will require bold leadership to get this task accomplished. Please turn out and vote this November Russell Webber!

Jonathan Cooper