We need to vote for Belcher

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 As a person who has no partiality, I have watched those who seek public office closely. From my observations of these individuals who pursue public office there are two clear reasons for their endeavors. Some of these candidates run out of a need for employment or a need to have a position of power and influence. Other candidates run for public office to serve and make a difference in their communities. The candidates who run because of a desire to serve have a passion that goes beyond the necessity for compensation or power. They possess a desire to improve and change the communities they represent.

Linda Belcher is that passionate candidate that works diligently to represent the citizens of Bullitt County. Looking beyond yesterday and today to visualize the potential of Bullitt County. Linda Belcher is the only representative in the House of Representatives who truly is working for the future of this county.

I only wish she was my representative so I could cast my ballot for Linda this November. If you love Bullitt County, Linda Belcher is clearly the right vote this Fall.

Dolores Ashby

West Bullitt County