Week honors public health environmentalists

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By The Staff

    Every day, Bullitt County Environmental Health professionals (Registered Sanitarians) are on the job ensuring our Bullitt County is a safe place.

    This unique group of professionals help ensure the safety of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, food production facilities, schools, hotels, motels, mobile home parks, public swimming pools, tattoo studios, and other health programs such as lead based paint, septic systems, radon, milk, water, quality assurance, animal rabies,  methamphetamine labs, and many more.

    Governor Beshear has proclaimed the week of March 22-26, 2010 in recognition of Environmental Health Professionals.

    Swannie Jett, director of Bullitt County Health Department says, “we are well overdue in recognizing the work of environmentalist in this commonwealth. When Bullitt County residents eat out at our food establishments or buy groceries, we have been there to ensure the products are safe for consumption. When you swim in a public swimming pool, stay in a hotel, install a septic system, we make sure health requirements are met.”

    “Environmental health professionals statewide work very hard so that we do not have outbreaks of illness associated with foods, water, milk, swimming, etc,”  said Dr. William Hacker, Commissioner for the Department for Public Health, “This important workforce does such a good job preventing illness, injury and outbreaks that we rarely think to thank them for the excellent job they do. In the few years this group of professionals has become very astute in emergency response. This group quickly mobilized and truly helped the commonwealth respond to last year’s ice storm ensuring safe food, water and shelter. They routinely become engaged with natural disaster events such as tornados, flooding,     snow storms, etc.”

    Bullitt County Health Department will have a display in their lobby to showcase the work our environmental health professionals throughout the years.

    Take a moment to learn more and to thank your local health department or state Environmental-Public Health Professional this week for jobs well done. Visit our website for more information about environmental health professionals at www.bullittcountyhealthdept.com.