Welcome to Lyndsey's world

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My Views

  I’m a 20-year-old, nature-loving, outgoing writer and student with some big dreams. 

But before I elaborate on that, I have two confessions about my trips to Bullitt County: First, Bernheim Forest has always been my favorite place to visit for a hike or a quiet afternoon, so the fact that it is only a few minutes away from this office is very exciting. Second, and although I will probably be made fun of for this, I am an avid Harry Potter fan and have the book tapes to ease my 40-minute drive to work during this internship. 

My roots are planted in Pikeville, but I was born and raised in Louisville. I attended duPont Manual High School and am currently a senior at the University of Louisville.

I was very involved with the school’s newspaper, The Louisville Cardinal and just completed an internship with Louisville Magazine. 

After graduating in December with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, I hope to take a semester off to intern or work to build up my resume and then get a Masters in journalism. 

As of right now, I plan on focusing on international reporting, but that changes every month (as does my choice for graduate school).

I adore Kentucky and especially Louisville, but I am ready to leave and experience the world for a while.

Sharing the stories of those who would otherwise be silenced and exposing the truth to those who need to hear it—these are the main reasons I am so passionate about journalism.