What does city do now on Sunday sales?

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By The Staff

The lights hadn’t dimmed before the question was whether the Shepherdsville City Council should be expecting a lawsuit?

The question came after the city council approved Sunday liquor sales for Precinct 18A for USGA certified golf courses.

In Shepherdsville, that means that only the Heritage Hill golf community would be allowed to have Sunday liquor sales.

For the owners of the golf course, it really isn’t about liquor sales. That is a small percentage of its bottom line.

What it does mean is more golfers who want to do their thing and then have an adult beverage may venture to Shepherdsville rather than staying in other counties.

The club can make more money off the golfing fees than it would ever make on liquor sales.

But what about the restaurants in Shepherdsville that were again denied the opportunity to sell alcohol?

Should it be all or nothing?

From a religious standpoint, is it any more tolerable just because you are golfing?

Should the city go back and make it allowable for all to drink?

There is no doubt that the four new members, as well as the two incumbents, will probably have a chance to address this topic again over the course of the next two years.

It will be an interesting discussion once more.