What will the final six months bring to county?

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My Views by Thomas J. Barr, publisher

 At the first of each year, people like to prognosticate on what will happen for the new year.

Sometimes those predictions are accurate. Sometimes they are not.

Now that we’ve cut out the first six months of 2014, maybe we can sharpen our scope and see what happens for the final half-dozen months.

First, we have the election fields narrowed down with a flurry of primary races decided in May.

It was the first time there were more Republican primary races than Democratic contests in Bullitt County history.

Yet, more Democrats actually went to the polls.

A sign of a changing of the political cycle? Just a fluke? Who knows?

Yes, the number of Democrats still outnumber their Republican counterparts by over 6,000 as of last November.

However, given the few primary races on the Democratic side, it was a bit surprising to see the turnout.

And, on the flip side, with several hotly-contested races for the GOP, I was just looking for a bigger number.

Does it mean anything in the fall? Who knows?

President Obama will still be seen a whole lot with Alison Grimes draped on his arm. 

Democratic voters will determine this race. It is just a matter of who they vote for in all the upcoming races.

My prediction is that it will be a very spirited race for the U.S. Senate seat but it will be just as feisty on the local level.

A lot of good local races will be contested, especially at the city level.

My Prediction: The broadcast stations will make a killing.


For the next six months, Bullitt County will be led by a fiscal court which will be assured of losing three members, plus the county attorney.

What happens as they wind up their first terms of service?

People who run for office want to make a difference. Political jobs are not for those just seeking glory.

These final months make up one-eighth of their terms. For the betterment of the county, they will continue to do what is best.

If they don’t, I would be shocked. More importantly, I think their friends and supporters would be disappointed.

My Prediction: They will finish up in a very positive note.


What happens with the Hunters Hollow sewage treatment plant?

At one point, it looked like a deal would be cut to have the Bullitt County Sanitation District take over the operations and pump the sewage to its plants.

After a recent meeting, I’m not so sure.

Money is an issue. But for the operator of the failed plant who has already spent $500,000 on a temporary facility in operation, time is a bigger issue.

My Prediction: In the end, there will be a deal that will protect the northern Bullitt County customers, as well as let the current owner out of a huge financial burden.


What will be the fate of the combined Bullitt Blast and Shepherdsville City Fair this week?

It looks like the major factor - weather - will be a non-factor. The cooler temperatures look perfect for the July 3-6 event.

The Bullitt Blast held at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre has been an annual success. Moving it to the city park will be interesting.

Viewing is fine. Traffic could be the unknown factor.

My guess is that people just interested in watching the fireworks will find a place to watch that is not too close to the park.

My Prediction: The format will bring a lot more people to the city park for a great event. But, if you park close, plan to stick around for the rides and concert after the fireworks show.