Whitis takes top prizes in first state fair events

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Kentucky State Fair

 FOX CHASE - Lois Whitis likes to try new things.

Retired after 41 years as a registered nurse, the resident of Fox Chase enjoys her hobbies.

From gardening to quilting to growing vegetables, Whitis is not one to sit still.

After winning numerous awards at the Bullitt County Fair and in the Home Extension competitions, Whitis decided to spread her wings.

This year, for the first time, Whitis decided to enter several categories of the Kentucky State Fair.

And she came home a winner.

She was honored for her iron cover, an apron made out of a man’s shirt, her four vegetable tray (third place), her red canned tomatoes (second place) and first place for both her canned yellow tomatoes and her watermelon pickles.

“I was surprised,” Whitis admitted. “I really didn’t enter to win ribbons.”

The $20 check was not nearly as important as the satisfaction felt when she was told of her winning entries.

“I had never entered the State Fair and I just wanted to do it,” said Whitis.

As president of the Friendship Circle Homemakers, one of a number of homemaker clubs in Bullitt County, Whitis said the best part of the group is the sharing of ideas and information.

She has always enjoyed her friendships with the homemakers throughout the county and in the region. Sharing ideas and meeting new people are important, said Whitis.

Whitis and her husband, Melvin, also enjoy working with next-door neighbor Owen Taylor, as both have large gardens. They each enter the local competitions, including the state fair.

In her crafts, Whitis likes to use items for unusual uses. Such as taking a man’s shirt and making it into an apron.

She also likes the friendships which are made and kept for years through the homemakers program.

Whitis is already looking forward to next year’s competitions. She is working on a quilt top for the state fair. And she will participate in the upcoming quilt show at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre at the end of September.

“I like people and I like to stay busy,” said Whitis.