Who would have thought time would pass so fast

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By Thomas Barr

 It’s a quiet Sunday evening at the office. Over the past 27 years, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting behind a computer.


It’s a time to reflect, something we don’t really have an opportunity to do. Without being in the business, it would be too difficult to explain.

But for those who might get upset at an improper word or a misspelled word, you might understand a little more if you were part of our world.

It is hectic. Papers are put out twice each week with fewer bodies than are really required for the job. But that is life not only in the newspaper business but also in many jobs today.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve gotten to witness, although not as much as I would have liked, a little baby grow into a young man. 

Seldom, if ever, have you seen me write about personal things. Those type of columns win awards but that’s not what we’re here to do. We’re here to use our valuable space to inform and to entertain.

But, for once, it’s a little time to brag on Thomas Jenkins Barr IV.

When he was born and had a few minor medical issues, who would have ever guessed he would have grown up to be such a healthy person - taller and thinner than either of his parents.

As we fought through those terrible twos and tough threes, chasing him through the house because of those temper tantrums, who would have known that he would have grown up to be such a mild-mannered person who would occasionally resort to shaking his head when he didn’t agree with a call on the baseball field.

Who would have thought we would have made it through a very rough day care transition. It was a tough situation but luckily he survived and no walls were injured during his crazy moments.

When he started playing T-ball at Blue Lick with kids like Jessica Vincent and Cody Whitlow, who would have thought that they would all grow up to be part of the North Bullitt Class of 2011.

When he started school at Maryville Elementary, who would have thought he would have been greeted with such a wonderful principal, Don Isaacs. 

And as he participated in the Governor’s Cup academic team, who would have thought that he was such a wiz at science.

Who would have thought that with lifelong friend Matt Bloom that a pair of sixth-graders could advance to the semifinals of the Eighth Region tennis tournament representing North Bullitt High, a school they would not attend for another two years. Of course, who would have thought neither would have continued their tennis playing.

Who would have thought that a little kid could join with another group of little kids to listen to a fun guy and an older guy who wasn’t always as much fun to win a state baseball championship. Who would have thought that Tommy Parker and Challis Ford would mean so many things to the kids - not only playing ball but also in life.

And that same group of kids would play baseball and go from a doormat to a very feared team as they entered high school. And who would have thought that a majority of those kids remain close friends and still look toward coaches Greg Shewmaker and Kenny Montgomery for guidance and support.

Who would have thought that my son would have made it through high school. It’s not because of a lack of confidence but, at that age, they just don’t tell you a lot of what’s going on. One day they enter high school and a few months later they are graduating.

Who would have thought that he grew up so fast and learned to drive.

Who would have thought that this little boy would become such a fine looking young man all decked out to go to the senior prom with his friends.

Who would have known the time would pass so quickly.

Time does fly...sometimes quicker than we realize.

As the North Bullitt Class of 2011 enters Broadbent Arena on Saturday, I’ll be there as normal. Documenting history for The Pioneer News.

But, on this particular occasion, it will be a special day. T.J. and his many friends will be proceeding across the stage to complete one stage of their lives.

There are so many of his classmates that I’ve watched grow up. They have all gone from those young, innocent children to fine young adults. They all have their entire lives ahead of them.

I am proud of those, many who have survived struggles. 

Thanks to the hard work of my wife, Robin, and the harassment from his younger sister, Amanda, T.J. will be a member of the Class of 2011.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have been part of his life. From teachers to coaches to classmates, you have done well to shape him into a great person.

He is a great kid who will become an even greater person as he continues his travels to the University of Louisville. He will be able to attend school without seeing me down the hall or on the field and having to admit that the reporter is actually his dad. 

Who would have known the time would pass so quickly.