Why don’t many people believe in marriage?

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My Views

By Mary Barczak

 It’s disturbing to me as a young woman, that no one seems to believe in getting married anymore. People just seem to have kids left and right with numerous partners at their own discretion. When did that become the norm?

I look forward to the security that comes with having a husband and a house for my children one day. It gives a family stability.

For a population that is so used to wanting everything right away,  it makes sense they just leave a relationship when it gets hard. They’re not married so they don’t feel an obligation.

I just think there would be so many less broken families that way which would be healthier for everyone in the long run. And save a lot of money too—counseling and divorce.

And if the children continue to view actions such as these, then they too think they it’s the norm and that’s how you should love someone thus continuing the cycle when they grow up and have relationships of their own.

And I’ve had some people say to me “Well I can’t afford to get married” and my response is but you can afford to have a baby?

People need to start being responsible for their actions.

If you’re grown up enough to have a child of your own, you should be responsible for providing a livelihood for it too.

Do people no longer yearn for security in marriage?

Knowing that someone’s going to be there for your physically, emotionally and financially day in and day out?

I know I do. 

That’s the way my parents raised me and I will continue it one day.