Wienermobile is hot attraction

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 MOUNT WASHINGTON - In celebration of the Wienermobile’s 25th anniversary, Oscar Mayer brand ambassadors, or Hotdoggers as they’re often referred to, recently made a stop at the Mount Washington Kroger on a three-day tour of the Louisville area. 


“We are very excited to be in Louisville!” said “Deli” Eliot Pattee. 

Pattee and his co-Hotdogger, “Cookout” Kelly welcomed local residents to take pictures and play fun games while learning about the history of the Wienermobile, which measures 11-feet high, eight-feet wide and 27-feet long. 

The Hotdoggers also distributed Wienerwhistles.

The Wienermobile that visited the Louisville area was one of six based out of hot dog headquarters in Madison Wisconsin, spreading “miles of smiles” across the country.

The first Wienermobile, designed by Carl Mayer, nephew of Oscar Mayer, took to the road in 1936. Since then the Wienermobile has been remodeled four times until it took its current form in 2004, and in 2008 a Wienermobile Mini was introduced.

Another fun fact: The Wienerwhistle was developed in 1952, but it didn’t become the iconic symbol it is today until it was included in packages of Oscar Mayer Wieners in 1958. 

For those who missed the Wienermobile it will return to the Louisville area in April.