Williams wants to make sure constable continues projects

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE -- There are some people in the community who are afraid that when current constable Charlie Wright leaves office, the roadside cleanup program through the detention center might suffer.

Mark Williams believes that would be a mistake.

And, he would like to make sure that the program remains strong.

Williams, 48, is running for the Republican nomination to be constable of the Fourth District.

The Republican survivor will face Democratic opposition in the fall.

In his first political race, Williams said that it would be a good way to get a start in government.

He appreciates the work done by Wright over the years and he wants to make sure the inmate program continues.

Williams said that he also likes to work with the public.

Besides the roadside garbage duty, Williams said he wants to make sure organizations like the Bullitt County Fair Board and the mayors in his district know that he is willing to lead the inmate detail.

As constable, he would like to work with the funeral homes in his district. Providing traffic control for funeral processions is something that's not always available if law enforcement is tied up on other duties.

He would have no problem directing traffic or leading the procession.

With four schools in the district, Williams would also to survey the traffic concerns of each.

If he could assist with directing traffic, Williams said he would attempt to provide assistance.

In talking with voters, Williams said he tells them that he wants to help the community and he's not interested in the position to solely do extra duty work for added pay.

The lifelong resident of Bullitt County is a farmer.