Work continues to find solution to Big Valley sewer problems

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By Thomas Barr

 BROOKS - While there are no solutions in place, the wheels are turning to find a way to make the pumps begin to fully operate at the Big Valley sewage treatment center.

A problem for years, Bullitt County Sanitation District officials have been doing some minimal work to keep the plant in operation. But, district manager Jerry Kennedy recently told Bullitt Fiscal Court that the lack of funds would make that practice impossible.

The troubled plant has major renovations needed and Kennedy said the district didn’t have the funds to make that happen.

Instead, he turned to fiscal court for some guidance.

State rep. Linda Belcher, who is working with a committee to discover any options, said state officials are very well aware of the situation. Since the plant owner Johnny Ford died several years ago, the plant has sat. The sanitation district has kept at least minimal functions in operation for the 50 or so residents in the community.

Belcher said the state is still looking for someone to be the receiver of the abandoned property. Unfortunately, due to the cost of getting it back into shape, no one wants it.

County attorney Monica Robinson, who is also on the committee working on the situation, hoped that the environmental officials would just call it a dump and allow other steps to be taken.

County solid waste coordinator Larry Hatfield said on Tuesday that the state would not be considered a dumpsite.

Belcher added that the state officials would meet that week with local leaders to discuss options.