Work opportunities available for summer

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By Stephen Thomas

 HILLVIEW - KentuckianaWorks still hopes to assist all job seekers, of all ages, with career placement and advancement.

Executive director Michael Gritton shared useful information at a public event hosted by the city of Hillview, hoping to help potential clients know the basics of the many KentuckianaWorks programs.

Gritton discussed the One-Stop Career Centers, including a Bullitt location at the Jefferson Community and Technical College campus building on Buffalo Run Road. He said anyone could attend  the program free of charge for assistance.

According to Gritton, about $2 million is awarded annually in scholarship funding. He said the money was implemented to help unemployed or low-income adults in returning to school and bettering their career opportunities, especially with health care.

Gritton said One-Stop career counselors are available, by law, to try and help clients find jobs. He said creating skills was the best way to assist.

Current college students are available to acquire the assistance. Gritton said almost $1,000 in tuition was available, including cost of books. Students were required to complete their education within two years to qualify.

Opportunities were also available to grown-ups looking to change careers.  One way was earning a Registered American Moving Professional (RAMP) certificate.

Gritton said the RAMP program helped applicants complete a three-week RAMP training, along with paid CDL training, to work as drivers or crew leaders with interstate moving companies.

Though the work could be physically demanding, Gritton said CDL-licensed jobs were available starting at $40,000 annual salary, with an opportunity at $60,000 to &70,000 within a few years. He added that the companies were primarily family-owned businesses and interested in hiring veterans.

“I can’t find enough people to fill these,” he said.

Potential RAMP clients needed to pass a physical and drug test, along with showing reading and math skills at an eighth-grade level or better.

Gritton also announced the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center, located in Louisville, that featured training of basic manufacturing job skills.

According to Gritton, manufacturing job openings are increasing, including many locations in Bullitt County. He said the program would help clients acquire entry-level credentials to help them land jobs.

“It’s a program for high school dropouts or graduates needing more skills,” he said. “KentuckianaWorks will help you get a job while you’re training. They will help toward your GED. They will offer career planning and counselors assistance. There’s financial incentive information. We’ll get them into a culture that might help them move up further.”

The KentuckianaWorks Power of Work program, operated with Goodwill Industries, was also available. Gritton said the program assisted people on welfare to earn legitimate jobs.

“Some lack educational skills or job experience,” he said. “We find community partners to help them develop job skills.”

Further information on all of the above programs can be found through the KentuckianaWorks One-Stop Career Center. Call 543-1342 or 1-877-639-7559, or go online to www.kentuckianaworks.org or like their Facebook page. The program is also available on Twitter.

“The bottom line is there’s training and money available,” Gritton said.