WORLD RECORD: McNabb, BCHS grad, does secure Guinness’ record

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By Stephen Thomas

 SANTA MONICA, California - It’s official: Bullitt Central graduate Dr. Jason McNabb is the official owner of one of the hottest records in the Guinness Book.


McNabb officially established his new record for eating the most ghost peppers in two minutes. The record was set on the TruTV show, “Guinness World Records Unleashed.”

The dentist consumed 66 grams of ghost peppers, or 2.33 ounces, or the equivalent of about 12 to 15 peppers. And he survived.

The ghost pepper is the hottest natural pepper on record, listed at over one million Scoville units. A jalapeno pepper registers at 2,500 units.

McNabb received a certificate to authenticate the moment. He will also receive a free copy of the 2015 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, with his name and photo inside.

Referring to consuming the world’s hottest pepper as being part of his “personal Bucket List” of things to do, McNabb usually consumes about four of them in one meal.

Once McNabb survived the initial ghost pepper consumption, his office receptionist, Kristin Flynn, first discovered the show and the contest online. McNabb works with Simply Smiles in Shively.

The discovery led to a three-day experience in Santa Monica for the filming.

“It was something,” McNabb said. “I got to meet a lot of interesting people. I met the guy that pulls spaghetti out of his nose. I timed him backstage while he was practicing. It was pretty gross.”

McNabb also met his fellow contestants backstage, including professional competitive eater Kevin Ross and reality show quasi-star Alex Stein.

The contestants sat side-by-side at a table for the competition, each with a plate of ghost peppers piled high and a pitcher of milk.

Each had two minutes to consume as many peppers as they could. They were not allowed to drink the milk during the competition without disqualification.

Once time expired, contestants had to hold in what they consumed, without regurgitating, for another full minute to make it official.

McNabb said the competition was changed that day from one minute to two. He had only practiced for one, but that practice paid off.

The time arrived and all three contestants started with a mouthful of the world’s hottest pepper, in pursuit of personal history and bragging rights.

“When we were eating, Ross started fast,” recalled McNabb. “But at the 30-second mark he slowed down.”

The other “celebrities” put on more show for the audience, while McNabb, focused and reserved, dominated the competition.

Following filming, McNabb headed backstage for an interview, noting that he’d feel fine later after “a cold beer and maybe some antacids.”

From there McNabb received a touch of make-up for his Guinness photo shoot, then was checked by paramedics.

“I had to tell them I wasn’t really that red, it was the make-up,” he said. “My belly was cramping up pretty good by then.”

McNabb admitted it took about five days after for his taste buds to return to normal.

“I couldn’t taste anything carbonated at all,” he said. “Everything I ate tasted mostly sweet.”

The overwhelming heat of battle did not deter McNabb’s diet. He still enjoys eating hot foods, his favorite the Red Servina pepper, a type of habanero.

“I pretty much eat something hot every day,” he said. “My wife thinks I’m crazy.”

His wife, Gina, is at least a good sport. She agreed to try a ghost pepper if her husband won the competition, and she remained true to her word.

“I have it on video,” McNabb said. “I need to post it online.”

The couple has two children, son FInn, 3, and daughter Jasey, 6, who wants to be like Dad.

“My daughter may get the record someday,” he said. “She likes hot food, but we’ll only let her try jalapenos for now.”

McNabb thinks his record is safe. However, if someone were to break it, he said he would be interested in attempting it again.

“I think it’ll stand a while,” he said. “Not many people are that crazy.”

The episode of “Guinness World Records Unleashed” featuring McNabb can be viewed at www.trutv.com.

“Don’t try this at home,” McNabb warned. “It was worse than what they showed.”


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