Wright will look to join fiscal court as District 4 magistrate

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Election 2014

By Thomas Barr

 CLERMONT – The man who may have revolutionized the role of a constable in Bullitt County is looking at another seat in government.

Finishing up his fourth term as constable of the Fourth District, Charlie Wright is looking to represent his constituents as a member of Bullitt Fiscal Court.

The Democrat recently announced his intentions to run as magistrate for the Fourth District.

John Bradshaw currently holds the seat.

After Wright took office as constable 16 years ago, he suddenly took on a new role.

He began working with the Bullitt County Detention Center to oversee inmates working on public service details. Most of the time has been spent picking up trash along roadsides and the county now gets reimbursed for the expenses through the litter abatement program.

“It has done a whole lot of good for the county,” Wright said of the roadside cleanup.

He appreciates the efforts of past county officials, including the jailers, for making the program possible.

“I think people appreciate the inmates out there working,” said Wright, 71. “And we’ve been able to save the county a lot of money over the years.”

Over the years, the program has expanded to allow the inmates to work with government agencies, such as the cities, and places like the fairgrounds and the youth football program.

Wright also used his position to expand the opportunities for local constables to do things such as traffic control for private companies.

But, Wright said he felt it was time for someone who is younger to take over the constable duties, which include law enforcement rights.

Wanting to remain a part of the government and seeing some things he doesn’t particularly like in fiscal court, Wright said he decided that he would run for magistrate.

“I will do what is right for the people,” said Wright. “If it is good for Bullitt County, I will vote for it.”

He doesn’t think the majority of the people are always represented on fiscal court and he would pledge to listen to his constituents.

He also would do what is best for the entire county.

“I will do everything in my power to be honest for the people of Bullitt County,” said Wright. “That is my only promise.”

From his days in the television repair business, Wright said he has always been able to get along with people. That is a key element to serving the people.

And Wright said one of the problems on fiscal court is that there doesn’t seem to be a willingness for everyone to work together. At the same time, Wright said the elected officials must all respect one another.

“I can work with people,” said Wright. “That will not be a problem.”