Yes...you need to make your voice heard

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Our Views

 On Tuesday, Kentuckians will have the opportunity to go to the polls.

In reality, it’s not important who is running...the fact is that someone is running.

In America, we should not take our rights for granted. Voting for those who will serve us is definitely a right.

We understand that you might be crazy about what is going on in Washington. 

And we know some of you aren’t happy about life in Frankfort.

Even others aren’t satisfied with their local governments.

The important thing is that on every opportunity possible, we should go to the voting booths.

The statewide constitutional offices are important. While the governor doesn’t have unchallenged powers, he has a lot of influence.

The other members of the ticket are also important players in Frankfort.

Go out on Tuesday and cast your ballot. Make a sound decision. Try to get a little educated on the candidates and what they stand for.

But most importantly, remember to vote.