Young remote control copter pilot on display

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By Alex Wimsatt

 At the end of the last school year, Mount Washington Elementary student Ryan Robertson treated his classmates to a special exhibition in the school yard.

Robertson, who considers himself the youngest remote controlled helicopter pilot in the world, flew one of his gas powered remote controlled helicopters in front of the entire MWES student body.

After Robertson had a chance to show his stuff, there was a special appearance by his friend, Louisville Metro Police Department helicopter pilot Brian Arnold, who allowed students to get up close and personal with

the real helicopter used to assist law enforcement.

Since he was 3 years old Ryan has immersed himself in the world of RC helicopters, spending at least two hours a day practicing maneuvers.

Weather permitting, Ryan is outside practicing everyday. When he’s not outside, Ryan practices inside on his computer flight simulator or at Hobby World on their flight simulator.