Your input vital to future of plan for parks & rec

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Our Views

 The faces have changed but the discussions were very similar.

What will the future face of the parks and recreation program appear to be in Bullitt County?

This was a question being tackled about two years ago by a group of gentlemen brought together for a single purpose - how to get the swimming pools open.

Then, they decided to tackle the much larger problem - what direction should the parks and recreation program in Bullitt County take?

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, board members grew disenchanted with a lack of support from county government quit meeting when a question over the legality of the agency surfaced.

Those men were replaced by a new commission that then became a board.

We think it is all legal now.

But the question remains - where does Bullitt County go from here?

For a county with over 74,000 people, the parks system in general is poor. Take away Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, which is a private entity, and the only semblance of a parks system is the work done by individual cities.

The county has three pools and a spray park, as well as a couple of ball fields, all of which are operated by the Bullitt County YMCA.

Its basketball program remains strong under the leadership of the YMCA.

But what else is there? What else does there need to be?

The parks board is singing some of the same tunes as the previous board. There must be a plan which can be presented and supported by Bullitt Fiscal Court, the funding arm of the process.

Before that plan is completed, the parks committee is looking to the community for comments and suggestions.

*Should there be partnerships between the county and cities on providing recreational activities and facilities?

*Is there a single place to go to find out what is currently being offered by either the counties or the cities?

*Should each school have walking trails?

*Should the city of Shepherdsville maintain the walking trails donated through the Cedar Grove Business Park?

*Could businesses be part of the future?

*Are there too many or not enough activities for the youth and the elderly?

*Should the county residents support efforts by the YMCA to have an indoor aquatics program?

*Should the county do nothing more than it is currently providing?

*And would you be willing to help make some of the wish list items possible?

We have some very strong ideas on the direction the parks system should take. But this is your time to stand up and be heard.

Bullitt County has a lot of people who must leave every week to find recreational and competitive activities. This should change.

But we are looking to you to spark that conversation.

Send your ideas and suggestions to jc15white@aol.com and they will be shared with the other board members.

The same tune has been preached for many years. Unfortunately, such planning and, equally important, support by county government has not come true.

To build something for the future we must have a plan. Now is your chance to be part of that planning process.