Zoning request put on hold

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 MOUNT WASHINGTON - With some question still hanging over the dedication of property for future highway expansion, a zoning request off Fisher Lane in Mount Washington has been delayed a month.

The BJ Hall Revocable Trust has requested a zoning change from R-1 Residential to B-2 Central Business at the intersection of Highway 44 East and Fisher Lane.

Attorney Sharon Satterly and Phil Bills of BTM Engineering presented the request to the commission.

Bills said the current intersection would be realigned with Armstrong Lane within the next year. A temporary turn signal has been installed.

He said Mount Washington has experienced a lot of growth and there was commercial zoning across the street, the site of the new movie theater.

None of the members of the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission argued against the rezoning; however, a question arose over how to fairly deal with property owners along major highways.

Commissioner Thomas Givhan said the practice over the past few years is for the property owner to dedicate a portion of land in case the state wanted to expand Highway 44 or one of the major connectors.

John Miller, another commissioner, said that has been the practice for years to help when the state is ready to expand roads.

Satterly had power of attorney to handle the zoning case but she wasn’t sure she could give 10 feet along Highway 44 and Fisher Lane to the state free of charge.

Bills said the state is already negotiating to get right-of-way easements on all sides of the intersection.

The state is also negotiating with Hall to purchase his right-of-way.

“We can’t treat these people differently,” Givhan said of the past practice.

Chairman Daryl Lee said it is up to the applicant to agree to any restrictions. Planning attorney Tammy Baker agreed that it would not be a basis on any zoning decision.

But Givhan said that traffic is one consideration in any zoning change and the lack of road infrastructure could be part of any basis for a recommendation.

With Satterly unable to commit her client on the request for easement, the board agreed to table the request until the December meeting.

The Mount Washington City Council will ultimately make the final zoning decision.

In other cases:

*A request by Violet Johnson to rezone 1.4 acres from Agricultural to R-1 Residential received a favorable recommendation.

The property is located on Cupio Lane and a home would be built on the site.

Bullitt Fiscal Court will make the final decision.

*The commission unanimously agreed to send a favorable recommendation to Bullitt Fiscal Court on a request by Clairborne Gibbons and Diane McNamara to rezone 5.2 acres from Agricultural to Conservation.

Attorney John Wooldridge said his client was trying to bring the property into compliance. One mobile home has been removed and it would be replaced by another structure.

The property is located on Roe Hill Road.

The next meeting of the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission will be on Thursday, Dec. 8, at 7 p.m. at the courthouse annex. The public is invited.